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Saturday, July 21

My 3 Things for Calgary!

3 Things for Calgary asks all Calgarians to:
1. Think about 3 Things you can do to make Calgary better.  These things could be for your street, your neighbourhood or for the entire city
2.  Do your 3 Things.
3. Encourage (at least) 3 more people to do 3 Things for Calgary.
This part is so important. You might already do so much for your community, but others might not yet be living up to their potential.  We’re counting on you to help get all Calgarians taking action to make Calgary an even better city.
It's been months since I wrote - but this is what I've been up to - getting my 3 Things for Calgary well on their way - 

1) I ran for the Alberta Party in the provincial election for Calgary-Buffalo.  Wasn't that a party!  unbelievable support - met tons of folks - listened and learned and strengthened my commitment to Calgary

2) I invited #3ThingsYYC to the Calgary International Children's Festival - had children at the Festival and in 4 schools share their 3 actions to make Calgary better on ribbons - and then coloured the Festival  with their colourful ideas. 

3) created the YYComedy Collective with Harry Doupe, AJ Demers and James Sutherland and since October developed the YYComedy Festival.  

Monday, October 24

Never more surprised...or honoured!

a tribute to Roger Abbott from his friends 

"A star of the Royal Canadian Air Farce - Roger Abbott quickly showed his organizational abilities—Don Ferguson called him "the guiding light of Royal Canadian Air Farce" and "a combination of artistic, organizational and business talent" according to Wikipedia - and it's for my contributions to the development of the Canadian Comedy Awards as the Chair of the Nominations and Awards Committee for the last 2 years -  that I had the distinct honour of receiving the very first Roger Abbott Award. (previously known as The Chairman's Award) at the 2011 Canadian Comedy Awards.  

Here are a few links: 


Monday, October 3

be funny. no permission required.

I'm a corporate clean comedian - meaning you won't hear the "f" or "c" words - and the humour is adult but generally acceptable if you watch TV after 6 pm. Nothing too awkward or squeamish. there aren't a lot of corporate clean comics. and the lines are blurry - often the client is saying things to you or about you that would never make it onstage because of content, language or intent to shock values. But he/she is paying the cheque.

I decided a long time ago to write for a market - as a small-town kid we loved nothing more than when someone got married - an open bar! a dance! something to do. So I wrote for the folks that will pack the local Hall, the rink banquet room, the local conference centre in the hotel and/or the school gymnasium where the "comedy night/show" is going to happen - knowing full well that there will be folks from 18 (or barely 18) to 88 ready to "do something!"  Gave up bar gigs 12 years ago and do club gigs about once a year.  I'm found in fine Legion halls everywhere and that suits me to a T.

Whenever I've been asked to  run a workshop on comedy - I remind folks - pick a market. there are many parameters to each market - from road to christian to club to pub comics - each has their own set of rules to follow - or stretch as they case may be. 

Independent shows are on the rise.  Last  Wednesday night Calgary had four comedy shows running - on a Wednesday - because comedians are delivering, producing - not waiting for permission. defining their own acts - stretching the limits.

Last week at red carpet comedy - a Calgary once a month hit show - where pros tell brand new material (AAAACK!) I tried getting to the truth. the raw. unedited truth. It was a stretch to drop my "corporate character" built up over 22+ years - and just be. "Louis CK real" as I call it - thought-provoking? funny. interesting. no fear. no shame comedy.

I did it. and it felt right.

I know the curmudgeons get all weirded out when new comics call themselves a comic - when the define themselves and don't wait to be defined. That's the way it is - are you less of a comedian because you write for Youtube or a webseries or a podcast. You are creating.  When are you a comedian? a writer?  Self-define and deliver is the way of the world.

Don't wait for an x-caterer and makeup artist to define how funny you are. Go out and be funny. no permission required.

I challenge anyone that does comedy - not to just write new jokes - but to try and write for a new market? for TV? for radio? for a greeting card. for a top ten list. for a church picnic or for a family show. write an opening monologue.

Cruiseline comics on some ships have to 1/2 hour for family audience and a 1/2 hour X-rated.  so I just need 20 minutes more X. and to clean up my corporate clean for kids in the room. and I could floating around by 2012.  watch me.