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Saturday, July 21

My 3 Things for Calgary!

3 Things for Calgary asks all Calgarians to:
1. Think about 3 Things you can do to make Calgary better.  These things could be for your street, your neighbourhood or for the entire city
2.  Do your 3 Things.
3. Encourage (at least) 3 more people to do 3 Things for Calgary.
This part is so important. You might already do so much for your community, but others might not yet be living up to their potential.  We’re counting on you to help get all Calgarians taking action to make Calgary an even better city.
It's been months since I wrote - but this is what I've been up to - getting my 3 Things for Calgary well on their way - 

1) I ran for the Alberta Party in the provincial election for Calgary-Buffalo.  Wasn't that a party!  unbelievable support - met tons of folks - listened and learned and strengthened my commitment to Calgary

2) I invited #3ThingsYYC to the Calgary International Children's Festival - had children at the Festival and in 4 schools share their 3 actions to make Calgary better on ribbons - and then coloured the Festival  with their colourful ideas. 

3) created the YYComedy Collective with Harry Doupe, AJ Demers and James Sutherland and since October developed the YYComedy Festival.  

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